Welcome on the homepage of mmlib.eu. The MMLIB library contains a wide range of project instances for the resource-constrained project scheduling problem with multiple modes (MRCPSP). This problem is an extension of the well-known single-mode RCPSP and involves the selection of a time/resource combination for each activity such that the total project makespan is minimized.

Benchmark your solutions!

Researchers who wish to compare their solution procedures with the state-of-the-art solution procedures from literature can rely on the benchmark solutions and data instances published in the European Journal of Operational Research entitled as "An Experimental Investigation of Meta-heuristics for the Multi-mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling on new Dataset Instances". In this paper, an overview is presented of the existing metaheuristic solution procedures to solve the multi-mode resource-constrained-project scheduling problem, in which multiple execution modes are available for each of the activities of the project. A fair comparison is made between the different metaheuristic algorithms on the existing benchmark datasets and on a newly generated dataset. Computational results are provided and recommendations for future research are formulated. The paper can be downloaded from the website of the publisher.

Data Instances

Project instances with multiple modes and resource constraints can be downloaded from the PSPLIB. This library contains the project instances J10, J12, J14, J16, J18, J20 and J30 (with and without the presence of the nonrenewable resources) and the well-known Boctor instances (Boctor50 and Boctor100) and can be downloaded from

However, in the benchmark paper mentioned above, it has been shown that the PSPLIB dataset and the dataset of Boctor (Boctor, 1994) show some shortcomings given the recent evolution in the development of meta-heuristic solution procedures. It is for this reason that the new dataset for the multi-mode scheduling problem is proposed in the paper "An Experimental Investigation of Meta-heuristics for the Multi-mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling on new Dataset instances". The following four conditions were taken into account while generating the dataset:

The datasets can be downloaded from this webpage:
Download Set MMLIB50
Download Set MMLIB100
Download Set MMLIB+

The best known solutions for each of the instances of the three sets are available on this website. We invite other researcher to share their best solution with us by using the upload page.